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Monday, 20 March 2023
European program
Execution of project № BGLD-1.007-0005 „Investment in innovative approaches for development of local employment and creating


BGLD-1.007 - Job Creation Small Grants Scheme 

UMIS Number


Project name

Investment in innovative approaches for development of local employment and creating new jobs


836143741 "Klimatech" AD

Funding source

Financial mechanism of the European economic area ==> Local development, poverty reduction and enhanced inclusion of Vulnerable Groups

Date of concluding of the contract/order


Starting date


Completion date


Total value:

315 225.00 BGN.

Status of implementation of the contract/order of the Grant

In execution (from starting date)


Brief description

The current project, as part of the Small Grant Scheme "Job Creation" within the scope of the Program "Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Improved Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups", foresees activities to stimulate employment and increase the competitiveness of local businesses in Dimitrovgrad Municipality.

Within the framework of the project, three new jobs for operators of welding equipment will be opened at the Klimatech AD plant, located on the territory of the town of Dimitrovgrad. Newly hired workers will be selected, with the assistance of the local Labor Bureau, from the pool of unemployed and inactive people and/or young professionals without experience and regardless of ethnicity and religion. They will have the opportunity to develop their skills, gain knowledge and experience, receiving a new qualification.